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ThumbAI Alternative Innovations started from a simple conversation of friends, exchanging ideas giving birth to a new mark of creativity. 10 years later, ThumbAI is here. We are ThumbAl– Empowering Customary Businesses through Digital Solutions.

We are a team of highly motivated people and robots who opt to stay and work from home in the company of our family. Similarly, we help our clients earn their living without having to leave their families behind. We are committed to giving you an end-to-end business migration. From web design and development to optimization. Our custom design is geared towards satisfying user experience converting visitors into frequent users and eventually to customers. In ThumbAI we got you covered!

Our Core Solutions

We Don’t just build Websites, We Grow Businesses

Website Design and Development

Our creative team have over 13 years of web design and development experience. Our custom designs are geared towards satisfying user experience.

Ads & Leads Management

Our experience with understanding the human psyche helps you create compelling ads on Facebook, Google, and Instagram while doing it on an optimized budget or you can break the bank trying to do that.

Hosting, Security & Maintenance

Focus on running your business and leave the maintenance and security of your website to us. We do core updates, cloud backups, regular security and performance scans.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We have been following Google long and closely enough to help your business reach the much coveted top page ranking. From targeting your keywords to full implementation, ThumbAI got you covered.

Digital Marketing

We harness the combined power of data, creativity, technology and common sense to redirect more visitor traffic to your business. Converting visitors into frequent users and eventually to customers.


Get in-depth consultations from our brand experts to develop your brand into its full essence which will serve as foundation for all your business activities including design graphics.


Empowering Entrepreneurs through Digital Solutions.

We are a team of highly motivated husbands, wives, and robots who opt to stay and work at home in the company of our family. Similarly, we help our clients earn their living without having to leave their families behind.

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

Talk to us to explore your options on how to make it easier to run your business the digital way.

Listen first. Talk second.

This is one of our secrets to finding your audience and turning them into clients. We make marketing work in the digital age.


“Design. Develop. Collaborate.”

Wherever your business is in this cycle, we have the right alternative solutions for you!

We Design

Our custom design website is “customer-centric” where user experience is our main focus. Your business is our business, hence, in designing your website we put the end goal in mind, for you and your customers.

Web Develop

Collaboration is our key ingredient in rendering the functionality we both want to achieve in your business. Website development is a phase where there is always room for progress. When you need it, we provide it.

We Co-Create

Web design and development isn’t the end of the cycle. When we say end-to-end business, we make sure your business reaches the right target. We offer SEO and up-to-date marketing analytics that convert your frequent visitors into clients.


Are you starting up a business, or migrating?
Looking for new alternative solutions for your business?

You have landed on the right page. We are your alternate route to get you to your business goal, and get there fast! ThumbAI Alternative Innovations offers business support operations from end to end business migration. In this operation, you are the boss, and we deliver solutions putting your interest first.

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Perfection is a journey, not a destination.

In ThumbAI we believe in progress more than perfection. Our team is your team in progress, and delivering you the right digital solutions is our priority

Wanner Algarme

CEO / Founder

Niñaliz Donaire

Digital Marketing Director

Edyvmar Abuan

Solutions Architect

Gilbert Wael

Technical Director


“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”- Simon Sinek

You are our priority, and we keep improving from your comments and review. Collaborate with us by dropping your comments below…

Kabern Karioki

I was in a tight situation way back. I reached out to Thumbai and they took good care of marketing. I reached more clients and now my business is way stronger than I can ever remember.

Michael Moore

I first got Thumb AI to design and make me a website for my outsourcing company. I was impressed with their work and delivery. Pretty soon, I came to them to outsource more work for my other businesses. I now have more time for more important stuff than simply running my business.


We value the relationship we have with our partners.

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