About Thumbai

ThumbAI Alternative Innovations started from a simple conversation of friends, exchanging ideas giving birth to a new mark of creativity. 10 years later, ThumbAI is here. We are ThumbAl– Empowering Customary Businesses through Digital Solutions.

We are a team of highly motivated people and robots who opt to stay and work from home in the company of our family. Similarly, we help our clients earn their living without having to leave their families behind. We are committed to giving you a “start to maintenance” phase of business migration. Our creative team has over 15 years of web design and development experience. Our custom design is geared towards satisfying user experience converting visitors into frequent users and eventually to customers. ThumbAI got you covered! Focus on running your business and leave the maintenance and security of your website to us.

Meet the Team

Get to know our ThumbAI team– we are real people, rendering you a real service!

Joanner Paulus Algarme

CEO – Web Developer

Wanner is the lead web designer and developer of ThumbAI. He harnesses his expertise from the unified product of passion, experience and learnings. With more than 10 years of rendering freelance work to international and local clients, he is able to hone his abilities.

Ghamay Pepito

UI/UX – Solutions Architect

Ghamay is a well-rounded person in the team. He is an experienced web designer and developer, a project manager with high proficiency in digital marketing and SEO. He is keen on managing clients and projects, rendering service with due diligence.

Nina Donaire

Digital Marketing Director

Ninaliz is the resident content writer in ThumbAI. She is in charge of producing content related materials for clients’ websites and marketing campaigns. As an experienced corporate marketer herself, she integrates into her content the need to rank up a website.

Djong Abuan

Business Growth Consultant

Djong has a wealth of knowledge and experience from his job in doing marketing whether paid or unpaid. He has built part of his career in this arena, taking it to the digital platforms. His corporate experience in one of the world’s leading technology companies honed him to effectively help clients in boosting their business in traditional marketing strategies and in the digital landscape.

Evit Wael

SEO Specialist

Gilbert is the main man for SEO in ThumbAI. He gained this merit by upskilling his passion for SEO, studying, and taking courses to align the need of the clients. He is keen is researching and studying exploring how he can help the traditional businesses to grow, improve, innovate, and eventually making it to the digital platform with a higher ranking site.